We human beings are called the Crown of Creation because of our brain. The human brain is arguably nature’s single greatest achievement, and Nobel Prize laureate Eric Kandle tells us that we direct our brain with “the most complex set of processes in the universe, the mind.”

Well, in the last twenty-five years new research in neuroscience has identified the mindset… the mental attitude that enables higher order brain networks to function at full power.

When higher brain networks wire and fire together, humming away happily at the brain speed of a hundred million computer instructions per second, the odds of succeeding at life improve immensely… at every level of life; from family life to your career, from physical and emotional well-being to maximizing your full measure of talent and skill. It’s a brain generating the fluid and creative intelligence to achieve your goals, along with the emotional and social intelligence to instill joy in your work, peace in your life, and harmony in your relationships. It’s also the key to health and longevity.

All of these positive outcomes are what nature intended when it evolved the higher brain. The bad news is that stress debilitates, erodes, and even damages higher-brain networks, inhibiting us from succeeding fully at life.

The good news is there is a solution to stress that not only repairs the damage stress causes, but also generates the neurological conditions that stimulate the growth new connections within the higher brain, expanding brain capacity to make you even smarter, able to reach even greater heights. 

The discovery that we can change our brain through a change of mindset is the most important discovery about the brain in the last 400 years. It has redefined human potential and psychological growth as nearly limitless, meaning we have the capacity to go beyond a brain nature and poor nurturing wired for stress, anxiety, crossing over from self-defeating attitudes to be a richer, more fulfilling life with the brain power to flourish at whatever matters most to us.  It all begins with a simple but profound shift in mindset.  Change mindset in ways that change experience and the brain changes.  

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