The Training

The End of Stress/Radical Peace Training 

This course facilitates a positive shift in mindset that generates a positive change in brain function, giving you the capacity to switch your experience from stressed, reactive, and negative, when it becomes that way, to calm, creative and positive. It is the higher brain working for you, instead of the lower brain working against you.
It is nothing less than the awesome power of attitude stimulating the brain function that delivers the fluid and creative intelligence to flourish, along with the emotional and social intelligence that instills joy in your work, flow in your day, peace in your life, harmony in your relationships, and more energy and vitality.

The training can be delivered in a number of ways. There is a two-workshop followed by a video refresher program that helps sustain the change people make.  There is a webinar driven format that consists of 9 parts. Parts 1 & 2 are presented in person in an all-morning seminar.  Parts 3 – 9 are presented in a live webinar, an hour and a half long, over seven (7) consecutive weeks. And there are ways we can come up with together, suited to your requirements. 

The training is based on the principle of positive neuroplasticity, which refers to how a positive change in mindset changes the brain to maximize one’s potential for success.

The training design is built on learning theory, and is highly interactive and experiential.  To inquire further, read the course description below and/or email us.

From Stressed to Calm, Clear and Positive

  • Session 1: Stress is Serious: You will learn how your mindset and your biology interact to produce a successful, rewarding life or a life of stress and struggle. You’ll map your stress fingerprint

    Session 2: The Awareness that Extinguishes Stress You will apply a process that breaks the mental pattern driving stress.

    Session 3: From Stressed to Calm, Clear and Positive: You’ll learn to apply tools that build the attitude or mindset that rewires the brain to function at optimum, enabling you to respond to stressors intelligently, with greater calm, confidence, creativity, and optimism. You’ll learn the basic daily practice that empowers the To-Be list that conquers your To-Do list.

     Tapping Your Brain’s Full Potential

  • Session 4 – The Creative Brain: In this session, you will learn how to tap the brain’s creative and intuitive capacity to generate the out-of-the-box insights that lead to breakthroughs. Session 5 – The Power of Connection: In this session, you will learn the three conditions that sustain positive, constructive relationships. Session 6 – The Whole of You Instead of the Fragments: In this session, you will learn how to transcend the fear of failure to realize the fearless self-confidence that extends the very best in you. Session 7 – The Power of Suggestion: In this session, you will learn how to harness the power of suggestion to realize goals and dreams.
  • Building Your Own Practice

    Session 8 – Pulling It All Together: In this session, you’ll pull it all together into a simple personalized format that you can use to sustain the gains you have made and build upon them moving forward.

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