Return on Investment


40% of turnover is due to stress.

Profitability increases by 2% for every 1% reduction in turnover.

Health Plan Utilization

22% of group health insurance costs are stress related, with annual expenditures of nearly $400 billion.

Heart patients who attend stress management programs have 42% lower health care costs.

Studies have documented a 50% reduction in health plan utilization in companies that offer stress reduction.

Workers Comp

33% of Workers Compensation costs is attributed to stress.

Employees reporting stress at age 23 were 2.5 times more likely to report back pain at 33.

Under low stress conditions, employees reported no back pain and had EMGs indicating no spinal strain

Under high stress conditions, employees did complain of back pain and had EMGs consistent with spinal strain.

Sick Leave

A major survey of 333 Human Resource executives in US companies found that 12% of absences from work are attributable to stress.

This translates into 1 million people out of work every day in America due to stress.

The persistent and costly issue of absenteeism costs small companies, on average, $60,000 per year and larger companies approximately $3,600,000 per year.