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The NEW Format for Accessing the Tools and Documents

The book references QR-Codes you can use to download documents and audio files that are in the book. You can still access all of this material below.  HOWEVER, since 2014 when the book was first published we have improved the process of accessing the tools through a new website. The website is called Click the image below for a guide that correlates the new website with the book.


The OLD Format for Accessing the Tools and Documents

The copyrighted material referenced in the book can be found below. It is intended only for your use with the book and for no other purposeDownload-1-Worksheets copy


Download-2-The-Tools copyDownload-3-The-Audios copy

To download the zip file and unzip it, click the button, select the “Save As” option that appears next, and download the zip file to your desktop. If you don’t have software that unzips files, you can download it at

Open the file and extract the contents. If you want to transfer the files to a listening device, such as an iPod, load the files into iTunes after you download them.

You can also listen to individual audio tracks (below).

Please do not listen to audio tracks will driving or operating machinery.

Click Individual Audio Tracks to Play Now
I01 Introduction copy02 Dynamically Peacefu copy03 What Am I Afraid Of Part 1 – The Story copy04 What Am I Afraid Of Part 2 – The Process copy05 Thirty Second Time Out for Peace copy06 Getting Clear Meditation copy07 The Clear Button copy08 The Only Three Sane Choices copy09 PreAttitude copy10 Feel It to Heal It copy11 Forgiving Others copy12 Forgiving Myself copy
13 Shaping Reality copy