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Barbara Wexler, epidemiologist, medical writer, and author of Reducing Stress says:

“… nearly every ailment we suffer from today is caused, triggered, or exacerbated by stress … In the midst of all this bad news is the good news that Don Joseph Goewey brings … Want to improve your health, transform a failing relationship, and reach greater heights in your career? Read The End of Stress.”

Jim Horan, president of The One Page Business Plan Company and author of One Page Business Plan says:

“If your life is hard because of STRESS . . . this book is for you! Don Joseph Goewey creates a clear, simple, calming pathway that will move you from chaos to peace of mind. Don does a beautiful job of not only explaining why and how we experience stress but gives us tools, stories, and techniques for creating a lifelong practice that attains that powerful and empowering state of being called stress-free.”