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canstockphoto14539757We human beings are called the Crown of Creation because of our brain.

The human brain is arguably nature’s single greatest achievement, and Nobel Prize laureate Eric Kandle tells us that we direct our brain with “the most complex set of processes in the universe, the mind.”

In the last 15 years new research in neuroscience has identified the mindset that enables higher order brain networks to function at full power.

The End of Stress is based entirely on the new research. It presents you with a set of tools organized into a practice that rewires your brain in two ways.

First, it builds the brain structure that enables you to extinguish harmful stress reactions at the point of inception. 

Second, it facilitates the neurological conditions that optimizes higher brain function by stimulating the growth of new connections within the higher brain, expanding your capacity to reach even greater heights in your life.

The book’s 20 tools are simple because it turns out that simple processes achieve the greatest change in brain function.  In addition, the brain can change quickly, within a matter of weeks if you practice.