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What Experts Say About The End of Stress

Eric Severson, vice president for human resources, The GAP says:

“The End of Stress is the most compelling book on the market that addresses what is fast becoming the #1 talent management opportunity of the 21st century: stress….A must-read for anyone interested in improving human performance—their own or others..”

Barbara Wexler, epidemiologist, medical writer, and author of Reducing Stress says::

“… nearly every ailment we suffer today is caused, triggered, or exacerbated by stress … In the midst of all this bad news is the good news that Don Joseph Goewey brings … Want to improve your health, transform a failing relationship, and reach greater heights in your career? Read The End of Stress.”

Jim Horan, president of The One Page Business Plan Company says:

“If your life is hard because of STRESS . . . this book is for you! Don Joseph Goewey does a beautiful job of not only explaining why and how we experience stress but he gives us tools that attains that powerful and empowering state of being called stress-free.”